Christine Georgopulo


Greenwich CT Luxury RE

500 W. Putnam Avenue #400, Greenwich CT 06830

Christine Georgopulo is truly a Blue Sky thinker and does not believe in limitations or boundaries when it comes to creativity and thinking outside the box – just tell her what you want and she will launch a solution to get it for you, whether it is a residential, commercial or retail real estate transaction and/or an aeronautic, yacht or 1031 Exchange, she is with you from start to finish.

Because of her wealth of experience and numerous Board seats, Christine has a tremendous bandwidth and network of HNWI, civic and Corporate Leaders, along with a huge array of multi subject “puzzle pieces” from which to draw upon for every need and situation.

Christine is an NYU graduate, a Connecticut and New York Licensed Real Estate Broker, Licensed Builder, Award Winning Decorator, Marketing and Public Relations Professional. Her areas of expertise are: Project Management – Buyer/Seller Representation – Strategic Partnerships – Sales & Pull Marketing – Relationship Building – Advertising & Promotions – Multi-Media Marketing – Television Production - Business Turnarounds – Philanthropy – Identity & Branding.

Christine is involved with you every step of the way vs handing you off to the team and going on to the next project and most importantly, has a “Never Say Die” attitude.